malicious satisfaction in the misfortune of others

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griefer "Communication Denial"
"Communication Denial" Tape
Absurd Exposition 2020

griefer "Egress Report"
"Egress Report" C30
Absurd Exposition 2017

"Equation Group" track for "PROJEKT NEUE ORDNUNG II" 4xLP compilation,
Tesco Organization 2017

"Dancho Danchev / We Hate You" split 12"
with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer,
co-release Deterrent Industries + Gnarled Forest 2010


griefer "Tied To An Abuse"
"Digital Camera" track for "Tied To An Abuse" C48 + C50 compilation,
Nil By Mouth 2010


griefer "Defense Research Establishment"
"Defense Research Establishment" 3"CDR,
Silken Tofu 2008


griefer "russian business network"
"Russian Business Network" C22,
Negation Is Freedom 2007


griefer "brute force"
"Brute Force" full length CD, Deterrent Industries 2007


"Private Networks" CDR, Sick Art Products 2006


"Evilbit" CDR, Deserted Factory 2004